AAC- all Aluminium Conductors


All Aluminium Conductors are manufactured from electrolytic ally refined aluminium. They have a high level of purity; the minimum accepted level of aluminium is 99.7%. This product is also known as aluminium stranded conductor, as it is constructed of one or more strands of aluminium wire depending on the intended usage. As a consequence of this high level of purity, AACC The excellent corrosion resistance of aluminium has made AAC a conductor of choice in coastal areas. Because of its relatively poor strength to weight ratio, 3 strand, 7 strands, 19 strands, 37 strands, 61 strands or more wires in 1, 2, 3, 4 or more layer around a central wire. AAC conductors are typically used in installations where spacing is short and supports are close.


AAC, a homogenous conductor, is concentric-lay-stranded conductor made from round aluminium EC wires. AAC conductors’ are available in both single and multilayer constructions to meet the current carrying capacity of the application. Can also be produced in compacted and or shaped configuration.


AAC conductors are manufactured in accordance with the following Standards:

  • British Sizes     BS 215
  • British Sizes     BS EN 50182
  • IEC Sizes     IEC 61089
  • American Sizes     ASTM B 231
  • Canadian Sizes     CSA C 49
  • German Sizes     DIN 48 201
  • Oman Sizes     OES 25D


The homogeneous construction of AAC conductors makes them a preferred choice for applications that do not require the strength of ACSR conductors and need to utilize the higher current carrying capacity for overhead power transmission and distribution projects AAC conductors are also a good choice for coastal areas, where the environmental conditions are corrosive to ACSR conductors.