AAAC – All Aluminium Alloy Conductors


AAAC, or All Aluminium Alloy Conductor, is used as a bare overhead conductor for power transmission and distribution lines. Its advantages over its counterparts, AAC and ACSR, are that it has a higher mechanical resistance than AAC, and better corrosion resistance than ACSR. Additionally, AAAC has better strength to weight ratios and therefore better sag characteristics than the other two.


AAAC is a homogenous concentric-lay-stranded conductor made from round aluminium alloy wires. AAAC conductors are available in single and multi-layer constructions.
These choices provide the necessary strength and the current carrying capacity forgiven applications.


AAAC conductors are manufactured in accordance with the following Standards:

  • British Sizes     BS EN 50182
  • IEC Sizes     IEC 1089
  • American Sizes     ASTM B 399
  • Canadian Sizes     CSA C 49
  • German Sizes     DIN 48 201


The high strength to weight ratio provided by the aluminium alloy makes the homogeneous construction of AAAC conductors a preferred choice for transmission and distribution projects where:

  • Conductor with more strength than AAC is required.
  • Conductor with comparable strength than ACSR is preferred, and
  • Higher corrosion resistance than ACSR is essential.


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