Pure Aluminium Rod and Alloy Rod

Manufacturing Standard:

We manufacture Aluminium and Aluminium alloy rod according to all international standards.
ASTM B233, ASTM B399/B399M, ASTM B230/B230M, ASTM B231- B231M, ASTM B232/B232M, BS EN 573-3, EN 1715-1 & 2

1. Aluminium 1xxx Series EC Rods


2. Aluminium 1xxx Series EC Wire


3. Aluminium Alloy  6xxx Series  Rod


4. Aluminium Alloy  6xxx Series Wire





*Rod nominal diameter is 9.5mm; other diameter specification can be according to customer’s request.


Coil Diminution: 

Weight of the Coil - 2000 Kg +/- 10 % (large coil up to 3200 Kg according to customer’s request).

Inner Dia - 550 mm 

Outer Dia - 1600 mm (Max.) 

Height 850mm Max.

Wooden Pallet Dimension: Length & width - 1400 mm Height - 100 mm

Packing material:   coil, tied with steel strap and wrapped by cartons in polyethylene bag and then on wooden Pallets, in eye to sky type or eye to wall according to customer’s request.